Dress Shop Etiquette

Most people fail to understand that the key to perfect service at a high-end dress shop is etiquette. It is always advisable to have the utmost respect for both the manager and staff. Here are some good pointers.


This means that whenever you go into a classy dress shop, especially a busy one, you should go with a set mind frame. Know what you want and be patient when looking. This ensures that you will make the lives of the attendants a lot easier and save time in the process. For those times when you feel you want to make an impulse buy, always remember to ask for the opinion of the available attendants so that returned items are not an issue.


Openness is a virtue that you should have with dress shop attendants. This means being open about your budget and only spending time looking for items that fit your budget. Since a dress shop may have designer items on display, there is always a rule against taking pictures. This is to protect the items within from counterfeit later on. Always respect any and all of the store rules to avoid any friction during your time at the dress shop.


Another good practice is to make an appointment when you know you are ready to make a purchase. Sometimes a dress shop can be quite busy during special seasons. When you need lots of attention during your shopping, it is advisable to make a prior appointment. This is highly recommended when you intend to visit the dress shop during wedding season. It will enable you get the best attendant to help with your selection.

The next time you step into that spedcial dress shop, remember that despite the fact that the customer is king (or queen), good etiquette can go a long way. Never fail to treat others with respect if you expect good advice and good service.